Princess Lavinia Pernilla Kippernook is the youngest member of the castle and is the daughter of King Caradoc and Queen Gwendolyn.

Appearance Edit

Princess Lavinia is typically shown wearing a tiara and diadem over her black hair, which is slightly messy and hangs in strands over her face. She has brown eyes. Lavinia is always seen wearing a long lavender floral patterned robe, but on top , she wears a pair of toy dragon's wings.

Personality Edit

Princess Lavinia is a very lively young child. While she has her girly moments, she is typically very tomboyish and enjoys roughhousing, as many children do. She is slightly spoiled by her parents (she tends to very easily get what she wants, being a princess) but in no way does this show in her demeanor and despite growing up with an affluent background, she remains a joy to be around.

Trivia Edit

  • Princess Lavinia idolizes Jane, and is shown at many moments during the series to look up to her and want to be like her.