Jester is the court jester. A like a lot of young men in the middle ages, Jester was renamed after his profession. His real name was never announced however Jester does know his first name but he keeps it a secret. Gunther, an apprentice knight, thinks it must be embarrassing. In fact, it's not - it's a Roman name. And one day Jester will reveal his true name to Jane. Jester is clever and funny, skilled in all art forms. He is also very kind and compassionate.

Appearance Edit

Jester is a skinny male, with hazelnut brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. He wears a blue jester suit, with jigsaw prints on the sleeves and pants, and one giant jigsaw piece on his hat.

History Edit

Coming into service of the King Edit

Jester's family are gypsies; originally from Italy. He was left at the castle at the age of seven, by his parents who thought it was best for him as he had outgrown his parent's ability to teach him so they asked the Court to take him into service. Because of his multitude of talents which include reading, singing, composing, dancing, juggling, cartwheeling, and entertaining with marionettes, he was appointed to the title of royal court jester. He is not paid for his services but receives free education and housing. Jester, whose real name he keeps a secret, is generous, and gifted with excellent memory and a quick wit. There have been occasions when his quick wit has gotten him into trouble with authority, but Jester always means well and would never deliberately hurt another person's feelings. Jester gets news about his family from other travellers and hopes that one day they will pass through the Kingdom again.

Jane Edit

Jester is Jane's "best human friend", and extremely loyal; he often provides her with encouragement, and while everyone laughs at the idea of Jane being a knight, he was the first person to help Jane on her path to becoming a knight by smuggling her a suit of armour. He also harbours romantic feelings for her, and she seems to like him in return.

Name Edit

Nobody really knows Jester's real name, not even Jane, but with a little bit of logic and background information, it may just be able to be deciphered. All of Jane's best friends have names related to their role in the castle, so why shouldn't Jester be the same as the others with how close they are. Jester's role in the show is to be the best supporting friend he can be, but it is also to spread light hearted laughter around the castle, as his job entails. As his background tells us, he was originally from italy, so that may just mean that he has an italian name. In Italian, the word for laugh, laughter, and laughing all are risus. It may not be the most common name, but then again, Jester is not the most common character. Jester's name might just be Risus, something that almost none of us expected.

TV series Edit

Within the show, Jester helps Jane as a supporting friend and is often the first one 

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Jane and the Dragon Edit

When everyone laughs at the idea of Jane being a knight, Jester believed in her and gave her a suit of armour, and helped her train at night.

Jane and the Magician Edit

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The Dragons Purpose Edit

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