Jane Turnkey is the daughter of the King Caradoc's chamberlain and Queen Gwendolyn's lady-in-waiting. She was brought up to be a lady-in-waiting to Princess Lavinia, but Jane shuns her designated fate and had always wanted to become a knight.

When Jane was ten years old, Prince Cuthbert was kidnapped by a dragon living in caves located along the mountainside in the kingdom's territory. Seizing the opportunity to prove her ability to be a knight to the court, who scoffed at the idea of a female knight, Jane set out to rescue the prince. Upon her arrival, Jane discovers that the prince was left unharmed by the dragon, and realizes that the dragon is in fact kind and does not wish to harm the prince. (he believed that the prince was key to deciphering the dragon runes in his cave).The two eventually become best friends, and when they return to the castle along with the prince, King Caradoc makes Jane a knight and Dragon pledges his loyalty to him.

Personality Edit

Jane is a bright girl with a great deal of courage and honor coupled with a bold persona. She is very ambitious, and her dream is to become the greatest knight in the kingdom she resides in.

Appearance Edit

Jane is a young girl with frizzy red hair and green eyes. She is very skinny, as is noted by her friends (a nickname of hers is legs). She is always seen wearing her knight's tunic, whose upper half includes red, orange, and green fabric, and whose lower half includes grey and red fabric.