Gunther Breech is Jane's fellow squire and rival in training. He is constantly pitted against Jane in their knight's training, and for this reason the two have developed somewhat of a rivalry.

Appearance Edit

Gunther is a handsome boy with medium length black hair that is slicked back, and grey eyes. Gunther is always seen wearing his grey knight's tunic, as well as armor on top of it.

Personality Edit

Gunther is not the nicest character in the series; he is seen picking on Jane in multiple episodes for various reasons. He tends to be very egotistical, as shown when he pretends to be king while wearing the king;'s crown, which became stuck atop his head as a result. he is also not above cheating, as shown when he steals papers from Sir Theodore's study in an attempt to cheat on the exam he was preparing for. He is not friends with the castle staff, and tends to tease them in the same ways in which he mocks Jane. Despite his faults, he can be good company, as shown when he and Dragon bond over their similar taste in jokes for a short while.

Trivia Edit

  • His father is Magnus Breech; a rich merchant who tends to use Gunther for his own personal agenda on several occasions.
  • He is said to have a girlfriend (known as a lady friend in the series)